Visiting Teacher Program


  • J-1 Visa Resources(webinar, visiting teacher checklist, Power Point)
  • Financial Disclosure Form (Ohio exemplar)
  • Visiting Teacher Modules: Teaching in America Series
    • The American Educational Setting
    • Succeeding in American Schools
  • Guest Teacher Training Materials
    These materials were originally designed for use with the Chinese Guest Teacher initiative that NCSSFL partners with College Board on to provide professional development to new visiting teachers from China. You are welcome to use these materials, some of which are bilingual, for your own work with visiting international teachers as long as you cite the source and reference this webpage.

    • Teacher Professionalism and Code of Conduct in America
    • Teaching and Performance Evaluations of Teachers (TELL and Danielson)
    • Third Language Teaching Demo (French)
    • Using Can-Do Learning Statements in the Chinese Classroom