2022 Proposed Bylaws Amendmenth1{text-align: center;}

The following bylaws change will be posted for 30 days,until August 15. Members will then be invited to vote on these changes:

Please consider the following proposed changes to the NCSSFL Bylaws. This amendment was prompted by the interest of NCSSFL members who seek additional ways for the organization to secure representatives at our table from states whose departments of education don’t have world language supervisors or don’t want to appoint official representatives. The Bylaws Committee has been working on this amendment for the better part of a year, and after many revisions, the committee members have landed squarely on this proposal. Subsequently, the proposal has been vetted and pre-approved by the NCSSFL executive board for submission to NCSSFL voting members for their consideration. Per our existing bylaws, this proposal will remain posted for one month for the membership’s consideration. At the end of that period, voting members will be asked to cast a ballot for or against the proposed measure.

-Everything in red with strikethrough is language that is being eliminated.

-Everything in red with yellow highlighting is new language being added.

-Explanatory comments are italicized in teal.

Download (PDF, 183KB)

Per the NCSSFL bylaws, “Regular members…[and]…Retired regular members…[and] Regular lifetime members…shall have full voting privileges. Associate members…[and]… Retired associate members…shall NOT have voting privileges.”

Please cast your ballot below to indicate that you vote FOR the proposed bylaws amendment or AGAINST the proposed bylaws amendment.

Vote only ONCE.

The poll will close at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time Zone on Friday, September 02, 2022.