2016 Proposed Bylaw Changes Overview

During the 56th NCSSFL Annual Business Meeting held in San Diego, California, in November of 2015, the membership voted to convene the NCSSFL Bylaws Committee to consider and amend the organization’s bylaws to include the following:

1. Codify the Pre-Conference Webinar for New Business

   • Rationale: While there is nothing in the bylaws that says the organization cannot hold a portion of its annual meeting on a different date via technology, there is also nothing to say that it can do this. This revision seeks to give the organization’s governing body the option to execute a portion of the annual meeting via technology prior to the actual in-person meeting dates. Approval for such action must be given by a simple majority of the membership at the annual meeting preceding the proposed pre-conference webinar.

2. Make the NCSSFL technology coordinator a full, voting member of the executive board

   • In recent years, the NCSSFL technology coordinator position has become an indispensable role within the organization. The coordinator works in concert with all members of the board to ensure the functionality of the organization’s various technology platforms and provide NCSSFL with a strong and dynamic online presence. The technology coordinator is already a frequent guest/attendee of the board’s monthly meetings, providing updates and reports and coordinating the online activities of both the board and organization as a whole.
      The proposed change is in keeping with the modern structures of the boards of many other organizations similar to NCSSFL that have become increasingly reliant on technology to carry out their mission and vision as well as their executive and membership functions. The NCSSFL treasurer has studied the financial impact of adding an additional officer to the executive board and has found the overall impact on the organization’s finances to be negligible.

3. Make the Bylaws Committee a permanent standing committee recognized under authority of the NCSSFL bylaws

   • Rationale: Recently, members of the executive board were surprised to learn that the NCSSFL bylaws makes no mention of the formal, standing committee that the organization has used for decades to lead the various bylaws revisions that have been warranted over the years. This revision would validate the time-honored and highly effective committee process the organization has used over the years to amend its bylaws by creating and arriving at consensus on the revisionary language it puts forth to the membership for approval.

In addition to these three changes, committee members also spotted and fixed a couple of minor issues to ensure consistency of language used throughout the document.

Click here to view the amended bylaws, with all proposed changes marked in red.

Per the NCSSFL bylaws “Regular members…[and]…Retired regular members…shall have full voting privileges. Associate members shall NOT have voting privileges.”

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