LinguaFolio® 2006-2019

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LinguaFolio® is a learner-directed portfolio assessment instrument designed to support individuals in setting and achieving their goals for learning languages.

LinguaFolio® National Fact Sheet

LinguaFolio® Research

LinguaFolio® has three components:

  • Passport: formal qualifications, certificates or diplomas, and achievements are recorded in this section, along with a summary of self-assessments that describe competency with different languages.
  • Biography:  information about a learner’s language background, intercultural activities, and the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do self-assessment statements are stored in this section.
  • Dossier:  samples of a learner’s work in this section document progress over time.

This three-fold approach, based on the European Language Portfolio, enables language learners of all ages and levels to document their language learning as they move along the continuum towards greater proficiency.

LinguaFolio® facilitates seamless progress in language learning no matter where and how individuals acquire language. By setting personal goals, providing evidence, and reflecting on progress, learners take responsibility for their learning and are able to direct their own personal journeys towards language proficiency.