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7.9 Activity 4: Self-Assessment

In the spirit of learner self-assessment — one of the primary goals of LinguaFolio — please take a few minutes to reflect on what you have learned in this training module by completing the handout linked below.

Self-assessment (pdf, word)

Once you can complete the I-can statements below, you have successfully finished the training for the last module. If you have difficulty with any of the statements, go back to that part of the training to review the information.

1. I can describe my short-term and long-range goals for integrating LinguaFolio into my students’ natural language-learning processes.

2. I can select the appropriate class or classes for LinguaFolio implementation.

3. I can explain the basics of my timeline for implementation.

4. I can describe how I will house LinguaFolio and the format I plan to use.

5. I can identify the parts of LinguaFolio that will be most beneficial to students in classes selected for implementation.

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