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7.8 Activity 3: Developing a Goals and a Timeline for Implementation

You want to pace the implementation of LinguaFolio to fit the purpose of your language program and the goals for yourself and your students. As you develop overall goals and a timeline, consider the school instructional schedule and the class or level of the language learners.

Steps to consider as you develop your implementation plan:

1. First, consider these important questions:

  • Why do you want to use LinguaFolio?
  • What are four goals you want your students to achieve by using LinguaFolio this year/next year?
  • How will your students know the specific goals for your daily instruction?
  • How will your students know whether they have reached those daily goals?

2. Set up a time to discuss implementing LinguaFolio with administration and colleagues.

3. Determine the logistics of housing LinguaFolio and set a deadline for finding out any additional information that you need, such as the server capacity and accessibility at your school.

4. Discuss LinguaFolio with your students before implementation so they understand how LinguaFolio benefits their educational experience.

5. Keep in mind that implementation should become a natural part of your lesson planning. Avoid scheduling two or three days during the year to simply fill out forms.

6. Integrate LinguaFolio-like activities throughout the entire course.

7. Decide what Biography pieces you think would be useful for your language learners and when each piece may be introduced.

8. Decide when and how to include the self-assessment checklists.

9. Decide when and how to introduce the collection of evidence for the Dossier.

10. Finally, decide when you want learners to transfer the information from the Biography and checklists to the Passport itself.

11. After deciding when to present LinguaFolio to your learners, you may also want to set goals for how and when to present LinguaFolio to parents (such as PTA night) or to the community.

In the following video, teachers already using LinguaFolio share advice on creating an implementation plan. In your opinion, what is the best piece of advice given?

Watch video here.
Video transcript: “Developing Goals and a Timeline for Implementation: Advice for Teachers Getting Started” (pdf)

Use the handout linked below as a guide to develop your implementation plan.

Possible implementation strategies:

  • Schedule short LinguaFolio-like activities on a daily basis, such as five topic-specific, can-do statements.
  • Once a week, set aside a time for students to reflect on their learning and update and record their progress.
  • Develop meaningful time-fillers and keep them handy. For example, when there is an extra ten minutes you can have students participate in reflective learning activities or record their feelings, reactions, and future goals.
  • Create homework assignments where learners complete intercultural activities, write in reflective journals, or update progress and set future goals.

Developing goals and timeline for implementation (pdf, word)

Group: If you are completing this training with other people, discuss the following questions with the group or your partner.
– How did you decide what activities and materials to use?
– How and when will you introduce certain activities in your class?

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