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7.5 Housing LinguaFolio®

Deciding where and how to house LinguaFolio is critical. Before you can decide how to implement LinguaFolio into language learning, you will have to consider how to store it.

In order to decide whether to keep LinguaFolio on paper or electronically, look at the questions below.

1. If you choose to go the paper route, then what format and who will be responsible?

  • Do you want to keep a formal notebook? If so, you can download a smaple cover page and divider pages from this website.
  • Where will you store the notebooks for future access and safekeeping
  • Do you prefer having students keep individual folders and then file their documents in a notebook or binder later?
  • Where will the folders be stored?
  • Will the students be responsible for their LinguaFolio documents or will you?

2.The considerations are similar if you choose the electronic route.

  • Where will you store the information once it is downloaded and completed?
  • How will you access the information? Will you access it from a student home computer, a computer in your room, or scheduled trips to the school computer lab?

3.Finally, consider how you will use LinguaFolio as a tool for transition from level to level, school to school, state to state, or into careers. Consider also how LinguaFolio could be used to advocate for language programs. What type of housing will work best for these uses?

Whether you decide to store LinguaFolio electronically or to keep it in paper form, the documents you need are listed in the Appendix. For those choosing to house LinguaFolio electronically, the Microsoft Word documents are form-protected so you can fill the information directly onto the forms after downloading and before printing. Once downloaded, the forms can also easily be updated and reprinted.

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