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7.4 Preparing to Implement LinguaFolio®

Each teacher’s situation is unique and each class has its own special characteristics and challenges. Thus, there is no prescriptive formula for the implementation of LinguaFolio. You have the freedom to integrate this methodology at your own pace, in a way that is suitable for your particular circumstances. However, as you work out your plan, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Plan to use LinguaFolio as a formative assessment. Using LinguaFolio-like activities in your classroom instruction is one of the most important parts of LinguaFolio. This integrated learning process of combining communication and interculturality through ongoing practice offers the greatest benefit to language learners.
  • Plan to use LinguaFolio for an entire course, but not for every class. Introduce LinguaFolio to a specific group of learners or one or two classes but do not include every class when you begin this process.
  • Plan to integrate LinguaFolio throughout the course, not all at once. Incorporate LinguaFolio throughout the semester or school year and begin with small, attainable goals for you and your students.
  • Plan to use the appropriate LinguaFolio forms. You don’t need to use every form contained in LinguaFolio, specifically in the Biography section. Select only the appropriate forms based upon the level and experience of the students. If you are implementing LinguaFolio in more than one class, you will likely find yourself selecting different forms.
  • Plan to use all three parts of LinguaFolio. LinguaFolio is valuable when learners have the opportunity to use the Biography, Passport, and Dossier to guide their language learning. However, attempting to complete all of LinguaFolio in one or two class periods negates any of the real advantages this tool can bring to your students’ learning.

In this video, you will hear comments from state language consultants, principals, and teachers regarding the implementation of LinguaFolio.
What are some important considerations when introducing LinguaFolio to teachers and administrators? Based on this video and everything you have learned through these modules, what one potential benefit or impact of using LinguaFolio is most compelling to you as a classroom teacher? What do you anticipate will be your biggest challenge with implementation, and what support will you need from your school?

Watch video here.
Video transcript: “Preparing to Implement LinguaFolio” (pdf)

There are several ways to incorporate LinguaFolio into your classroom instruction throughout the school year or semester. The more frequently you embed LinguaFolio activities into your lesson plans, the more familiar learners will be with the process. As students take ownership of their learning, using LinguaFolio becomes a natural part of the instructional process.

Keep in mind why you are using LinguaFolio. Not only is it a way to help students understand where they are in their language learning, but it is also a valuable tool to demonstrate what they have already learned.

Your plan for implementation will be the key to the success your students gain from the LinguaFolio process.

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