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MODULE 7: Implementation Timeline and Setting Goals

In this module, you will develop goals for making LinguaFolio an integral part of your lesson planning and classroom instruction. You will decide how to integrate LinguaFolio throughout your instruction in a way that brings the greatest benefit to your language learners.

By making LinguaFolio a natural part of the language-learning process and integrating it throughout the year, it can then become the framework for ongoing formative assessment that helps you, the teacher, pinpoint where your students are. It will guide students in setting goals and help them take responsibility and develop ownership for their language learning.


  • Create short-term and long-range goals for integrating LinguaFolio into the natural language-learning process.
  • Develop an implementation timeline and outline for a specific class.
  • Decide how to house LinguaFolio for students and which format to use.
  • Decide what parts of LinguaFolio will be most beneficial to each designated group of students.

7.1) Module 7 handouts

7.2) Setting goals with LinguaFolio

7.3) Activity 1: Setting specific goals for classroom instruction

7.4) Preparing to implement LinguaFolio

7.5) Housing LinguaFolio

7.6) Activity 2: Deciding how to house LinguaFolio

7.7) Introducing LinguaFolio to school, staff, and students

7.8) Activity 3: Developing goals and a timeline for implementation

7.9) Activity 4: Self-assessment

7.10) Conclusion

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