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6.9 Activity 1: Creating Performance Assessments

For this activity, you will provide four formative assessments and one summative assessment that will evaluate the same objectives. Decide what the learner should be able to do during and at the end of an instructional segment. You may choose to create new assessments or adapt ones that you already have to meet the requirements for this activity. You will obviously have to take a break from this training module to gather the information to complete this activity. However, please read all the instructions before leaving the training so the expectations are clear.

1. Choose a specific topic or content theme.

2. State the measurable performance objectives or indicators for both ongoing practice and LinguaFolio-like activities as well as the formal assessment tool. Describe what the students should be able to do at various intervals during instruction and at the end of the instructional segment.

3. Identify the language functions or communication modes that will be assessed.

4. Determine and list the assessment tools and materials you will use.

5. Describe the four activities (formative assessments) that will provide diagnostic information and demonstrate if students are ready to proceed to the final performance objective.

6. Describe the summative assessment you will use to judge how well the learner has met the goal.

7. Reflect on the overall student-performance results and what worked well or what could be improved.

8. Include rubrics or other means to assess student performance.

9. Include student samples of the formative and summative assessment with the handout for your portfolio.

The instructions for this activity are included in the first handout linked below. The cover pages for the formative assessment and summative assessment are in the following two handouts. Because four formative assessments are required for this activity, please make sure to print four copies.

Instructions for assessment task (pdf)

Formative assessment task (pdf, word)
Print 4 copies of this handout!

Summative assessment task (pdf, word)

Once you have completed this activity and included the appropriate information in your portfolio, please proceed to the self-assessment part of this module.

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