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MODULE 6: Assessing Language Performance

This module will focus on assessment and how to create a balanced assessment program. Language assessment is a process shared by both the teacher and language learner to monitor and manage language performance. It evaluates teaching and learning. A balanced assessment program is ongoing and includes many different ways of measuring language performance. This module deals with creating assessments that allow language learners to demonstrate what they can do with language.


This module will focus on types of assessment and how they differ:

  • Understand what role assessment should play in language learning.
  • Learn how teachers can assess student performance as well as how students can assess their own skills.
  • Determine how to evaluate what students can do and help learners set goals for future learning.

6.1) Module 6 handouts

6.2) What is the purpose of assessment?

6.3) Formative assessments

6.4) Summative assessments

6.5) Performance assessments versus traditional assessments

6.6) Integrated performance assessment

6.7) Student self-assessment and documenting student-centered performance

6.8) Creating appropriate assessments

6.9) Activity 1: Creating performance assessments

6.10) Activity 2: Self-assessment

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