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5.8 Activity 3: Documenting an Intercultural Experience

The two handouts linked below are from the intercultural part of the LinguaFolio Biography. Learners can use these documents to record and reflect on their intercultural experiences and encounters. They record the date and the situation in which they have interacted with someone from another culture. Then they reflect on their reaction to the experience.

Some of the questions students will consider include:

  • How did they experience cultural diversity?
  • How successfully did they communicate in the target language?
  • What was the “something new” that they learned as a result of the interaction?

Learners document cultural attitudes and behaviors that they have observed and now understand or don’t yet fully understand.

These handouts encourage learners to reflect upon interactions that they have had and to determine their success or lack thereof. Learners should think about what helped them understand the interaction or what may help in the future, particularly if they experienced a challenge. They record their intercultural encounters and reflect on the degree to which communication was successful.

In these handouts, you will document one of your own intercultural experiences and evaluate an intercultural encounter.

Intercultural experiences summary (pdf, word)

Intercultural encounters: Reflection (pdf, word)

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