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5.7 Activity 2: How Can Teachers Guide Learners?

By describing and reflecting upon specific cultural experiences, learners can identify the aspect of cultural diversity encountered and explain its significance. Once interculturality has become an integral part of lesson planning and learners have had practice testing their intercultural skills, they should document their progress.

In this video, a heritage language teacher and a teacher for English language learners comment on the importance of interculturality.
– How do the experiences in these classrooms demonstrate interculturality?
– How did the experiences change how the students viewed their heritage culture?
– Can you describe a similar experience in your classroom which focuses on interculturality?

Watch video here.
Video transcript: “How Can Teachers Guide Learners?” (pdf)

In the handout linked below, you will respond to the following questions:

1. What attitude should a teacher model to promote interculturality? List at least three specific classroom examples.
2. What strategies promote interculturality and how can you embed them in your daily instruction?
3. Describe at least three opportunities you provide students to interact with others or authentic cultural products that will develop their intercultural skills.
4. How can language learners document interculturality?

How can teachers guide learners? (pdf, word)

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