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MODULE 5: The Importance of Interculturality

In this module you will discover what interculturality is and how it differs from our idea of culture in the classroom. You will learn what role intercultural experiences play in language learning, and how teachers can help learners understand and document intercultural experiences.


  • Describe interculturality.
  • Define cultural knowledge and intercultural competence.
  • Explain how interculturality is a key to language learning.
  • Discover ways to document and integrate interculturality into language learning.

5.1) Module 5 handouts

5.2) What is interculturality?

5.3) How are culture and interculturality different?

5.4) Cultural knowledge and intercultural competence

5.5) Interculturality and language learning

5.6) Activity 1: Cultural differences in our schools

5.7) Activity 2: How can teachers guide learners?

5.8) Activity 3: Documenting an intercultural experience

5.9) Activity 4: Self-assessment

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