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4.9 Writing Prompt Example

Writing prompts are also activities that can promote autonomous learning as well as provide for differentiation. The example that follows could be adjusted and used as a speaking activity as well.

Write a note to a friend describing your room, apartment, or house in as much detail as you can. In the same note, also describe the town or city where you live.

As a follow-up for this writing prompt, the learner would use the following can-do statements:

  • I can write at least five sentences about my house.
  • I can write four details about my room, apartment, or house.
  • I can write three details about my neighborhood or community.
  • I can write two details about the town or city where I live.

The learner should also reflect on the writing process and set goals for further progress.

When learners realistically acknowledge what they can do and think reflectively about how they learn, they become autonomous learners.

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