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4.8 Activity 5: Creating Can-Do Sentences

Now that you know the types of short checklists that complement LinguaFolio-like activities, it’s your turn to develop some can-do statements.

Using the handout linked below, choose one of the following topics and develop four or five can-do statements to help students assess what they can do with language.

a) Lesson on meals and foods. How can what I learn about foods and eating habits help me make healthier choices?
b) Lesson on weather and temperature. How can what I learn about weather and temperature help me plan my day?
c) Lesson on sports and daily activities. How can what I learn about sports and daily activities help me develop a healthier lifestyle?

Developing can-do statements (pdf, word)

Once you have developed can-do statements, look at the handout linked below for some sample checklists on similar topics. Please note that these are only examples; there are many options for can-do statements to help language learners.

How different were your can-do statements?
On what language functions did you focus, and what levels of proficiency did you target?

Remember when you build can-do statements, you begin with the easiest task and build each step with increasingly more complex expectations.

LinguaFolio-like activities: Samples (pdf)

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