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4.7 Activity 4: Identifying More Can-Do Elements

Criteria for developing effective can-do statements:

  • Language functions includes listening, reading, speaking, or writing. A can-do statement may focus on or more of these skills.
  • A content function is a noun or noun phrase that describes the theme of the checklist.
  • Measurable performance indicators are the action verbs contained in the can-do statements.
  • Quantifiers consist of a number or phrase that defines how much information is needed to meet the stated goal.

Classroom activity

Topic: Saving the environment

The following can-do statements are language- and content-specific to complement a particular daily activity or lesson.

Can-do Statement: I can do this easily — I can do this with help

I can name four objects that can be recycled.
I can answer five simple questions about ways to conserve water.
I can read an article about recycling water and identify the first four steps.
I can watch a video about gasoline conservation and write a short summary (at least six sentences) describing how driving habits can waste gasoline.

Using the example above, identify the elements of the can-do statements.

1.Language function
2.Content function
3.Measurable performance indicators or actions verbs

When students participate in this type of activity frequently, they can create their own checklists to assess their learning. This will help them learn to track their progress and identify strengths and difficulties on their own. Therefore, they are better prepared to perform successfully when they reach summative assessments.

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