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4.6 Activity 3: Identifying Can-Do Elements

Criteria for developing effective can-do statements

Can-do statements should contain the following elements:

  • A content function is a noun or noun phrase that describes the theme of the checklist.
  • Language functions includes listening, reading, speaking, or writing. A can-do statement may focus on one or more of these skills.
  • A measurable performance indicator is the action verb in a can-do statement.
  • A quantifier can be either a number or a phrase that defines how much information is needed to meet the stated goal.

Classroom activity

Topic: My House

The following can-do statements are both language- and content-specific. It can be used to complement a particular daily activity or lesson.

Can-do Statement self-assessment: I can do this easily — I can do this with help

I can identify five rooms in a house.
I can answer four questions about my room.
I can create a chore list for my family members.
I can write a five-sentence description of my house for a realtor.

Using the example above, identify the elements of the can-do statements.
1. Content function

2. Language function

3. Measurable performance indicators or actions verbs

4. Quantifiers

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