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4.1 Identifying LinguaFolio-like activities and autonomous learning activities you already use

As seen in Module 3, chances are you already use LinguaFolio-like and autonomous learning activities in your classroom instruction. As you review the following list of activities, identify the ones you currently use and begin to think about how you might incorporate others into your teaching.

Sample activities are:

  • Short, formative assessments used during class to measure how well the learner has met the language goals for an activity or for a day’s lesson.
  • Activities that focus on language skills and content information, such as partner practice, group work, admit and exit slips, KWL charts, and Think-Pair-Share.
  • Frequently accompanied by short checklists with four or five can-do statements linked directly to the goals for that activity or lesson.

In this video, find out how an elementary immersion teacher incorporates LinguaFolio into activities she already uses. Based on this video and what you have learned so far in these modules, what LinguaFolio-like activities are you already using with your students?

Watch video here
Video transcript: “Identifying LinguaFolio-like Activities and Autonomous Learning Activities you Already Use” (pdf)

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