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MODULE 4: LinguaFolio-like Activities

This module will focus on supporting the autonomous learning activities discussed in Module 3 with LinguaFolio-like activities, such as can-do statements and other reflective, formative self-assessments, to enhance your daily instruction. LinguaFolio-like activities tailored to your curriculum should become an integral part of your lesson planning and classroom instruction. You will decide how to integrate these activities in a way that brings the greatest benefit to your language learners.

The more frequently you embed LinguaFolio activities into your lesson plans, the more familiar learners will be with the process. As learners take ownership of their learning, using LinguaFolio as a formative assessment becomes a natural part of the instructional process.


  • Identify autonomous learning activities that you already use in your instruction.
  • Develop LinguaFolio-like activities for your daily instruction that will support these autonomous learning activities and provide opportunities for learner and teacher reflection.
  • Embed LinguaFolio-like activities into daily instruction.
  • Build awareness of formative self-assessment and ownership of learning.

4.1) Module 4 handouts

4.2) Identifying LinguaFolio-like activities and autonomous learning activities you already use

4.3) Checklists with can-do statements

4.4) Activity 1: Assessing listening skills with TV and film

4.5) Activity 2: Assessing interpersonal communication

4.6) Activity 3: Identifying elements of checklists and can-do sentences

4.7) Activity 4: More practice identifying elements of can-do sentences and checklists

4.8) Activity 5: Creating can-do sentences

4.9) Writing prompt example

4.10) Activity 6: Creating can-do statements as part of learning activities

4.11) LinguaFolio-like activities and reflective learning

4.12) Activity 7: Self-assessment

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