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3.9 Autonomous Learning Activities: Think-Pair-Share

Think-Pair-Share is a cooperative learning strategy, which allows students to think about a question, idea, issue, or notion, and share their thoughts with partners before discussion in a small group. It is a simple strategy, effective from early childhood through all subsequent phases of education. It develops skills of sharing information, listening, asking questions, summarizing others’ ideas, and paraphrasing. The procedure for a Think-Pair-Share follows:

1. Teacher poses a problem or asks an open-ended question to which there may be a variety of answers.
2. Teacher gives the students “think time,” directing them to think about the question.
3. Following “think time,” students face their learning partner and work together by sharing ideas, discussing, clarifying and/or challenging each others’ answers.
4. The pair then shares their ideas with another pair or with the whole class. It is important for students to share their partners’ ideas as well as their own.

In this video, a high school student describes a Think-Pair-Share activity. What other ways could Think-Pair-Share be used, or what other ways have you used this activity with your students?

Watch video here
Video transcript: “Autonomous Learning Activities: Think-Pair-Share” (pdf)

You may wish to use the Think-Pair-Share linked below in your classroom instruction.

Think-Pair-Share (pdf)

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