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3.8 Autonomous Learning Activities: Learner Logs

A learning log is a record of a student’s experiences using the target language outside the classroom, including “the when and the where” of language use and why certain experiences were successful and others weren’t. Students may also use logs to comment on what they have studied in class and to record what they have understood and what they haven’t. An advantage of learning logs is that they can contribute to the teacher’s understanding of the students’ use of metacognitive learning strategies.

Below are two types of learner logs. The first sample shows a student’s learner log for what was studied in the classroom. The second sample is a learner log for intercultural experiences where students used the target language outside the classroom. In addition a blank learner log template is provided.

Sample learner log (pdf)

Intercultural learner log (pdf)

Learner log template (pdf)

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