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3.6 Activity 3: Examine Your Learning Process

Students may use some of the LinguaFolio documents to examine how they learn best and to document what types of activities they have already done with language.

Learning Inventory handout (pdf, word)

With this document, examine things that a learner may have already accomplished before beginning the next step in the learning process. What other activities could you provide to support learning goals and celebrate small successes in the learning process?

How Do I Learn handout (pdf, word)

Focus on how you learn with this document.

1. Discuss ways this would be helpful to you as a teacher and to your students. Include ways to:

  • Organize work
  • Learn vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Comprehend more details in a reading selection

2. What other ideas would help with different learning styles?

3. When and how often do you think this document could be used?

In this video, a heritage language teacher comments on the benefits of the learning inventory. How has it helped her to fill in the gaps in her students’ skills?

Watch video here
Video transcript: “Examine Your Learning Process” (pdf)

In this activity you will use the handouts linked above. Read these documents over closely and decide how they can be used in your classroom instruction.

The teacher’s main goals in this learning process:

  • Provide activities that reinforce learners’ life agendas
  • Celebrate small successes
  • Build student awareness of the learning process

Group: Using the sections below to guide your conversation, discuss with a partner ways each document can enhance the learning process.

Individual: If you are working alone, make a list of ways these documents can be helpful to you, your students, and their parents. Record your responses to the questions posed in the sections below.

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