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3.3 Activity 1: Teacher Reflection

The following video includes one teacher’s reflective comments on using LinguaFolio. How does student use of LinguaFolio positively impact reflective teaching?

Watch video here
Video transcript: “Teacher Reflection” (pdf)

Before we talk more about students, let’s think about ourselves as learners. Using the handout linked below, take a few minutes to think about the following questions and jot down some answers.

1. How did you learn your second language?
2. In the classroom, what kind of activities helped you learn?
3. What helps you now as a lifelong learner?

Teacher reflection (pdf, word)

Group: If you are training with others, when you’re finished, share your answers and compare with the possibilities listed below.

Individual: If you are working alone, review your answers. Think about differences in learning styles and how they require unique activities and strategies. Compare your answers with the possibilities listed below.

Possible answers
1. Activities: Are these some of the learning activities that may have helped you learn?
2. Communicating with a native speaker: What methods help you communicate with native speakers? Did you use some of these strategies?
3. Conjugations: Did conjugations help you communicate or perfect your communication? What does this tell us about how we should utilize grammar in our instruction?
4. Building vocabulary: Did you use some of these techniques for building vocabulary?
5. Immersion: Did you learn best when immersed? Why? What can we do to provide immersion opportunities in a classroom?
6. Improving pronunciation: Did you use some of these strategies to improve pronunciation?

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