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3.15 Self-Assessment

In the spirit of self-assessment — a strong goal of LinguaFolio — please take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve learned about creating an autonomous learning environment by reviewing the following questions and completing the handout linked below.

1. What effect should what we’ve learned in this module have on planning instruction?

2. A teacher isn’t able to address every student’s needs all the time, so how can we help students understand what they need to learn effectively and create their own learning opportunities?

Self-assessment (pdf, word)

Once you can complete the I-can statements below, you have successfully finished the training for the third module. If you have difficulty with any of the statements, go back to that part of the training to review the information.

  • I can describe how LinguaFolio develops reflective and autonomous language learners.
  • I can choose tools and strategies to create a reflective learning community in my classroom.
  • I can modify my teaching to foster reflective and autonomous learning.
  • I can explain how reflective practices impact teaching and student learning.

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