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3.12 Autonomous Learning Activities: Admit and Exit Slips

An admit slip is a student’s entry ticket into class. It is filled out before the class begins or during the first few minutes of class. Students are allowed to exit the classroom when they submit an exit slip to the teacher. The exit slip is completed during the last few minutes of the class. This enables students to provide the teacher with feedback about the teaching, a summary of ideas and skills learned, or a demonstration of their comprehension.

Admit and exit slips are an effective way to informally assess student understanding of new or old concepts and determine where students need additional clarification or assistance. These slips also stimulate critical thinking and act as a springboard to link new learning with existing knowledge.

Sample admit slips
1.Write one or more things that you already know about…
2.Write one question that you still have about the activity that we did yesterday.
3.Write an explanation of the process you used to solve one problem you did for homework last night.

Sample exit slips
1.One thing I learned today is…
2.One thing I am not sure about today’s lesson is…
3.I can use this knowledge or process again when I…

In the following video, a middle school teacher and student comment on the exit slip activity. What other examples can you think of for exit slips? How would you differentiate an admit slip from an exit slip?

Watch video here
Video transcript: “Autonomous Learning Activities: Admit and Exit Slips” (pdf)

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