LinguaFolio® Training Resources

Training modules to show how to implement LinguaFolio®

3.1 Module 3 Handouts

The following handouts will be needed for Module 3. All handouts are provided as PDF documents; Microsoft Word documents have been provided where you are asked to complete specific activities. To complete the activities, you may print and complete the PDF documents by hand or you may download and save the Word documents to your computer and then type your responses directly on the saved documents.

Teacher reflection (pdf, word)

Student reflection (pdf)

Learning inventory (pdf, word)

How do I learn? (pdf, word)

Sample learner log (pdf)

Intercultural learner log (pdf)

Learner log template (pdf)

Think-Pair-Share (pdf)

KWL (pdf)

KWLE (pdf)

Application cards (pdf)

Autonomy building activities (pdf, word)

Self-assessment (pdf, word)

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