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MODULE 3: Reflective Learning and Teaching in an Autonomous Environment

This module begins by concentrating on reflective learning and teaching, then focuses on ways to create an autonomous learning environment. American students, as well as some of their teachers, are not used to reflecting on their learning processes, and, as a result, are often unable to correctly evaluate their competencies. In order to build this skill, teachers need to be aware of the learning theories and instructional strategies that develop reflective learners and enable them to take more responsibility for their learning. This module will explain ways to develop learner autonomy.


This module will focus on reflective teaching, reflective learning, and developing autonomous learners.

  • Review pedagogical theories and instructional strategies that build autonomous learners.
  • Discover ways to encourage students to think about their learning and set learning goals.
  • Explain how reflective teaching and learning can improve the learning process in the classroom.

3.1) Module 3 handouts

3.2) Reflective teaching

3.3) Activity 1: Teacher reflection

3.4) Reflective learning

3.5) Activity 2: Student reflection

3.6) Activity 3: Examine your learning process

3.7) Learner autonomy

3.8) Autonomous learning activities: Learner logs

3.9) Autonomous learning activities: Think-Pair-Share

3.10) Autonomous learning activities: KWL chart

3.11) Autonomous learning activities: Application cards

3.12) Autonomous learning activities: Admit and exit slips

3.13) Autonomous learning activities: Other activities

3.14) Activity 4: Building autonomy

3.15) Activity 5: Self-assessment

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