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MODULE 2: Building Your LinguaFolio®

In this module, you will build your own LinguaFolio. Building your own LinguaFolio will enable you to explain the thoughts, ideas, and connections you explore as you complete a particular task. Going through the tasks yourself is the best way to understand the process well enough to explain it to your students. All of the templates, forms, and instructions for LinguaFolio are available online and free to use.


  • Complete the Language Biography and document language learning background for a second language or multiple languages.
  • Document language and cultural competence.
  • Document and provide evidence of language performance and proficiency.
  • Consolidate language “snapshots” into a concise overview in the Language Passport.

2.1) Module 2 handouts

2.2) Building your own LinguaFolio

2.3) Activity 1: Completing the Language Biography

2.4) Activity 2: Completing the Language Biography

2.5) Activity 3: Completing the Language Biography

2.6) Activity 4: Completing the Language Dossier

2.7) Activity 5: Completing the Language Passport

2.8) Activity 6: Reflection

2.9) Benefits of self-assessment

2.10) Activity 7: Self-assessment

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