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2.7 Activity 5: Completing the Language Passport

The Language Passport provides a comprehensive picture of what you can do with language. It summarizes the self-assessments from the Language Biography and provides validation from formal external assessments. It is a collection of formal qualifications, certificates, or diplomas, along with self-assessments, that serves as a summary of experiences and competency with different languages. The Passport can be updated frequently.

The goal of the LinguaFolio Language Passport, usually used for grades 8–16 as well as for lifelong learners, is to help others understand a person’s level of language competencies as well as progress in achieving these competencies.

The Passport can be used for professional purposes and can accompany a job application or résumé when the language learner is seeking employment. It can also accompany college applications or student portfolios to provide further information regarding language proficiency. The Passport can be shown when the language learner transfers from school to school, level to level, or teacher to teacher. It belongs to the learner but is intended for use with outside audiences.

Complete the Language Passport linked below by including the information from the Biography section that provides the best “snapshot” of your language learning background as well as communication and intercultural competencies.

LinguaFolio Passport (pdf, word)

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