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2.6 Activity 4: Completing the Language Dossier

The Language Dossier is a collection of work samples and certificates chosen by the language learner to document and illustrate language skills, experiences, and achievements that can be used to demonstrate language abilities to others.

The Language Dossier shows evidence of language growth year-by-year. Entries in this section complement those in the Biography and Passport sections of the portfolio.

Using the Language Dossier linked below, list the type of work, a description of the work, and the date work is completed in the Dossier table of contents. Provide samples for the Dossier to support your documentation in the checklists. Samples may include projects, research, compositions, awards, certificates, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, audio presentations, and photos. Samples should show progression of language learning in all communication modes as well as interculturality. They should not just be the most recent or best sample.

Someone reviewing the Dossier should be able to pick and choose what he or she wants to preview by looking at the table of contents and would not have to look at all evidence provided.

LinguaFolio Language Dossier (pdf, word)

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