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2.5 Activity 3: Completing the Language Biography

Can-Do Statements and Self-Assessment Grid
In this section, there are can-do statements to help you assess your language competencies and how you interact in authentic cultural contexts. These statements describe what you can typically do with the language at different levels and in different contexts. The checklists also help you reflect on how you learn and guide you in setting learning goals. Using the LinguaFolio checklists, go through one mode, such as interpretive, from beginning to the highest level you can reach. If you can check off most of the can-do statements within the section, then you are performing at that level of proficiency and can continue to the next level. Continue until you reach a level where you cannot yet check most of the items. This level becomes your goal. Then continue with the next mode of communication, following the same process until you have assessed yourself on all modes of communication.

These statements and the self-assessment grid are for language learners using LinguaFolio usually in English for Speakers of Other Languages programs, heritage language programs, middle school language programs for high school credit, high school language programs, and higher education programs.

The checklist is used by the learner and can also be peer- and teacher-assessed. The learner uses the checklists to continue to evaluate and reflect on his or her language competencies while working through the levels. It is also not unusual for a learner to be more competent in one area than another. For example, a learner may be intermediate-low in speaking, but already at intermediate-mid in interpretive reading. Most people, even native speakers, never reach the highest level.

The checklists provide a unique opportunity for educators to come to consensus on which competencies are necessary before moving on to the next level and to guide placement in classes as students move from one grade level to the next. The checklists can also help standardize program outcomes across schools and districts.

Please complete the following LinguaFolio documents. You may choose to download, save, and complete each of the checklists on your computer or download and print the complete set, which combines all of the checklists, and complete by hand. The Self-assessment Grid combines the I-can statements into a chart and can be printed out for reference. Finally, don’t forget to complete the Self-assessment Progress Report, which records ongoing and overall progress on one document.

Interpersonal Communication Self-Assessment (pdf, word)

Interpretive listening self-assessment (pdf, word)

Interpretive reading self-assessment (pdf, word)

Presentational speaking self-assessment (pdf, word)

Presentational writing self-assessment (pdf, word)

Self-assessment grid (pdf)

Self-assessment progress report (pdf, word)

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