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2.2. Building Your Own LinguaFolio®

LINGUAFOLIO IS A FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL used to document and reflect on ongoing language learning and cultural experiences. After completing the Language Biography and collecting samples of work in the Language Dossier, a summary of these experiences is transferred to the Language Passport. The LinguaFolio Passport is then shown to others to provide an overview of the individual’s language history.

As you develop your own LinguaFolio, please note that your process will be different from the process you ultimately develop for your students. Although you will complete your LinguaFolio during this training module, you would not expect students to complete their LinguaFolio in the same time frame. For students, the process is a gradual one that continues throughout their language-learning experience. The most important part of LinguaFolio is the learning process. The key to successful language learning is the use of appropriate LinguaFolio-like activities in daily instruction. The process continues with appropriate performance assessments and intercultural encounters, and culminates with the development of the LinguaFolio Passport to show others the individual’s language performance and proficiency.

Different parts of LinguaFolio can be used at different times throughout the learning process and can be updated as the learner progresses. LinguaFolio is developed so the teacher or language learner can choose appropriate activities and assessments to document individual language performance and cultural competence.

In this video, language consultants and teachers comment on the importance of building your own LinguaFolio as part of the training process. What are some of the benefits mentioned?

Watch video here.
Video transcript: “Building Your Own LinguaFolio” (pdf)

The first step in developing your own LinguaFolio is to decide the format you want to use and how you want to house your information. You may decide to use a combination of options, electronic and printed, so you have both examples to show students at the appropriate time.

Your LinguaFolio can be:

  • An electronic version housed on your personal computer or school server. The Microsoft Word documents are form-protected, which allows you to download the files, save them to your computer, and then complete the forms. Once downloaded the forms can also be updated easily and reprinted when needed.
  • A printed version housed in a notebook or folder to show others.
  • Download the Word documents and complete on your personal computer or download and print the PDF documents, then complete by hand.
  • LF online housed at the University of Oregon’s CASLS website.

You will need to explore all options available before introducing any of them as choices for your students.

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