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1.8 Language Passport

The Language Passport provides a complete picture of what a learner can do with a language or languages. It summarizes the self-assessments from the Biography as evidence of language competencies from the Dossier and work samples, formal qualifications, certificates, and diplomas.

The Passport can be updated frequently and is an official document that can be shown when students transfer from school to school, level to level, or teacher to teacher. It is also useful to show prospective employers. The Language Passport belongs to the learner but is intended for use with outside audiences.

Linked below is an example of the LinguaFolio Language Passport. This example demonstrates how Javier Schmidt, who learned German from his relatives and Spanish at school, would use the Passport. The goal of the Language Passport, typically used with grades 8–16, is to help learners understand where they are and where they’re going in their language learning.

LinguaFolio Passport for Javier Schmidt (pdf)
In this video, a teacher describes how she introduces the Passport to her students.

Watch video here.
Video transcript: “Language Passport” (pdf)

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