LinguaFolio® Training Resources

Training modules to show how to implement LinguaFolio®

1.5 Components of LinguaFolio®

Similar to the European Language Portfolio, LinguaFolio belongs to the learner rather than to the institution or the teacher. It is divided into three sections:

  • Language Biography
  • Language Dossier
  • Language Passport

There are two main LinguaFolio tools available for language learners: LinguaFolio Junior and LinguaFolio.

As the name implies, LinguaFolio Junior is geared toward younger learners and is typically used in elementary programs with some use in middle school as well. When using LinguaFolio Junior, learners generally work to accomplish all of the can-do statements, which often parallel the program goals.

LinguaFolio is designed for older learners in the K–12 continuum and is usually used by learners taking language courses for high school or college credit, including middle school students as well as learners of almost any age who want to document language proficiency gained outside of formal coursework. LinguaFolio is designed to document language and cultural experiences. It also encourages students to reflect on personal goals and develop career plans.

The many different state versions of LinguaFolio are actually quite similar and vary only in cover design and some small adjustments for specific state standards. The checklists are the same in all versions and have been aligned by NCSSFL to the ACTFL national standards. For the checklists used for English language learners, alignment with the WIDA proficiency levels reflects the unique nature of English language learning programs in the United States.

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