LinguaFolio® Training Resources

Training modules to show how to implement LinguaFolio®

1.3 Activity 1: Benefits of LinguaFolio®

Activity 1: Benefits of LinguaFolio
Before you begin the training modules, look at the following video, in which state language consultants, administrators, and teachers talk about using LinguaFolio.

Which of the benefits mentioned are most important to you and your students?

Watch video here.

Video transcript: “Benefits of LinguaFolio” (pdf)

On the activity handout linked below, you will list 3–5 reasons that a language learning portfolio would be helpful to the following groups in your school and community: (pdf, word)

  • Language learners
  • Parents
  • Teachers and administrators
  • Businesses and employers
  • Benefits of LinguaFolio

Group: If you are completing this training with other people, take time to share your reasons with others in your group. Then discuss and compare your reasons with those listed below.

Individual: If you are training alone, when you have completed your list, compare your reasons with those listed below.

The answers provided here are models. Your responses may vary.

How can LinguaFolio help language learners?

LinguaFolio helps students to:
Evaluate and describe their language proficiency in clear and simple terms.
Document and reflect on language learning both inside and outside the classroom setting.
Display their proficiency in different languages when changing schools, applying for jobs, and applying for exchange programs or summer language programs.
Set personal language objectives and map out ways to achieve them.

How can LinguaFolio help parents?
LinguaFolio helps parents to:
Understand and observe their child’s language-learning processes.
Assist their child in setting and achieving goals.
See evidence of the student’s performance during parent-teacher conferences.

How can LinguaFolio help educators?
LinguaFolio helps teachers and administrators to:
Identify the needs and motivators of individual language learners and utilize this information to help students set their own learning goals.
Develop programs based on learner strengths and needs.
Obtain information about previous language learning experiences.
Evaluate and document performance in a differentiated way other than test scores.
Connect standards and performance guidelines in the United States with internationally-accepted standards.
Produce evidence of language learning.

How can LinguaFolio help businesses and employers?
LinguaFolio helps businesses and employers to:
Better understand the processes of language learning — even though the employer may not have a second language capability.
Determine the depth of an applicant’s language skills and ability to use it in different situations.
Profile language proficiency of employees or job applicants for future use.
Make better use of employee language abilities and advance the company’s global opportunities.

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