LinguaFolio® Training Resources

Training modules to show how to implement LinguaFolio®


Welcome to the online LinguaFolio Training Modules. These training modules are designed for teachers of second languages as well as teachers of English language development. Whether you are participating in this professional development in an individual setting or in a group setting, please take a few moments to read the following instructions.

  • How the training modules are organized

    This training is presented in seven modules, beginning with an overview of LinguaFolio and its development. Each module includes goals, information, hands-on activities, and self-assessments. Video clips, featuring teachers already using LinguaFolio, are found throughout the entire training. The first page of each module contains all the handouts for that section of training. If you choose, you can download them all at one time. However, you also have the opportunity to download each handout as it is presented in the text. Many of the handouts, when complete, are required by the Training Portfolio Checklist.

    It is important to complete all the modules in order. Each module will take approximately forty-five minutes to complete. Some modules may take longer because you will be asked to gather or create instructional materials before continuing with the next training activity.

  • Technical requirements

    These training modules include a great deal of video, so you will need a high-speed internet connection to use them easily. If you encounter problems while using the modules, contact your technical coordinator for assistance.

  • Browsers

    You should use one of the following browsers. It is important to have the most current version of the browser you use installed on your computer.

    For Windows:
    Microsoft Edge

    For Mac:

  • Handouts

    Reference handouts are available only in PDF. To view PDFs, you’ll need the free Adobe Reader.

    Handouts needed to complete the training portfolio are available either as form-protected Microsoft Word documents or as PDFs. If you prefer printing documents and completing them by hand (or do not have Microsoft Word), you may want to use the PDF versions.

    If you want to complete the handouts directly on your computer, then you would use the form-protected Microsoft Word version. You must download these documents to your computer before filling in any information. Any information filled in while you are online will not be saved.

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