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Appendix A: LinguaFolio Documents

All the documents you need to build your own electronic or paper version of LinguaFolio are available on this page. Two formats are available. The PDF versions may be saved, printed, and completed by hand. The Microsoft Word versions are forms and formatted so that you can type in your responses. In order to complete the Word documents, you must download and save the Word files to your computer before filling in information.

In order to provide a complete picture of your language and cultural competencies, it is important that you record information in all three sections of LinguaFolio:
– Language Biography
– Language Dossier
– Language Passport


Language learning background

From the following templates choose those that are most appropriate for documenting a student’s language background. Students can complete these templates at various times during the language learning process depending on individual learning experiences.

Language Biography cover sheet (pdf, word)

Learning inventory (pdf, word)

How do I learn? (pdf, word)

Optional templates for documenting language background:

Learning summary (pdf, word)

Language activities (pdf, word)


The Intercultural Summary may be used as a cover sheet for the Intercultural Encounters: Reflection .

Intercultural experiences summary (pdf, word)

Intercultural encounters: Reflection (pdf, word)

Can-Do Statements

Interpersonal communication self-assessment (pdf, word)

Interpretive listening self-assessment (pdf, word)

Interpretive reading self-assessment (pdf, word)

Presentational speaking self-assessment (pdf, word)

Presentational writing self-assessment (pdf, word)

Self-assessment grid (pdf, word)

Self-assessment progress report (pdf, word)

Language Dossier
In the Dossier, students list the type of work, a description of the work, and the date that work is completed in the table of contents.

Language Passport
Students use the Passport to highlight pertinent information from the Biography section that provides the best “snapshot” of their language learning background as well as communicative and intercultural competencies.

Glossary: (pdf)

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