LinguaFolio® Training Resources

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Training modules to show how to implement LinguaFolio®

MODULE 1: What is LinguaFolio®?

In this introductory module you will learn about the basic components of LinguaFolio and explore ways the tool can benefit students, educators, parents, and employers. In addition to details about how LinguaFolio was developed, you will also find information regarding current research and pilot programs.


  • Explore ways LinguaFolio can benefit the learning community.
  • Get acquainted with the basic components of LinguaFolio.
  • Learn about the development of LinguaFolio and the documents that guided this initiative.
  • Become familiar with research findings and pilot programs.

1.1) Module 1 handouts

1.2) Introduction to LinguaFolio

1.3) Activity 1: Benefits of LinguaFolio

1.4) Origins of LinguaFolio

1.5) Components of LinguaFolio

1.6) Language Biography

1.7) Language Dossier

1.8) Language Passport

1.9) Activity 2: Self-assessment

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