Urgent Request for Information Related to Standards and Equity from the Ohio Department of Education

This post represents an urgent request from the Ohio Department of Education for information about your state’s efforts to conduct a review of your learning standards and other resources with a specific eye towards equity. Specifically, we would like to know the following:

1. In your state, with an eye to your standards and resources, how do you define equity?
2. Are you conducting (or do you plan to conduct) a review of your existing learning standards and resources in terms of their overall equity for all stakeholders? Or is this already an integral part of your adoption or approval process?
3. If you will be conducting a review of existing standards and resources, what framework and/or process are you (will you be) using? If this is already integral to your approval process, could you describe the framework and/or process you have used?
4. And, will you/do you pay for the review or will you/do you ask your reviewers to give their services pro bono?

We would kindly request that you respond to this inquiry by no later than Friday, August 14th. We will email via the NCSSFL listserv a summary of all responses received to everyone once the response window has closed.

Thank you in advance for any time you can spend providing insights into your agency’s work on this very important and timely topic.

– Ryan Wertz & Kathy Shelton