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Language Passport

Language Passport

The Language Passport provides a comprehensive picture of what you can do with language. It summarizes information from your Language Biography, including when you reach what proficiency level based on the can-do checklists; your interculturality; and formal qualifications, certificates, or diplomas. Together, the information in your Passport gives an overview of your experiences and competencies with different languages.

The Passport can be shown when you transfer from school to school, from level to level, or from teacher to teacher. It also can accompany college applications or student portfolios to provide further information regarding language proficiency. Finally, the Passport can be used for professional purposes and can accompany a job application or résumé when you are seeking employment.

Complete the LinguaFolio® Passport (Word format or PDF format) by including the pertinent information from the biography section that provides the best "snapshot" of your language learning background as well as communicative and intercultural competencies.

The word document is form filled protected. In order to complete the word document, please download and save the word file to your computer before filling in information. Any information filled in directly on the web site will NOT be saved. There is also a PDF version of the document that may be printed and completed by hand if you wish to use that format.