Lead with NCSSFL…at the 2017 ACTFL Convention in Nashville

Lead with NCSSFL: Immersion Program Growth via the Stages of Implementation
Presenters: Gregory Fulkerson (DE) and Lynn Fulton-Archer (DE)

While many educational initiatives fail, research indicates that by applying Implementation Science, the majority succeed. In this NCSSFL-led session, become familiar with the four Stages of Implementation, explore key components of each stage, and identify key applications of the stages to establish, expand, and sustain your immersion program.

Lead with NCSSFL: Implementing K-12 Proficiency Outcomes
Presenters: Ann Marie Gunter (NC), Ryan Wertz (OH)

Proficiency outcomes convey what students can do with language as a result of K-12 programs. This session overviews policies, research and initiatives supporting this shift and their impact on learners in different programs. Proficiency scales, activities and resources for various stakeholders will be examined and discussed.

Lead with NCSSFL: Active Strategies to Reach AP Proficiency
Presenters: Jill Landes-Lee (L2TReC), Lucia Rubio (University of Utah)

Reading should be an active, highly engaging endeavor. Come experience how to turn reading of difficult and authentic texts into a critical link in the communicative classroom, empowering you and your students as purposeful readers. Maximize engagement and support pre-AP, AP, and secondary Dual Immersion proficiency goals through these strategies.

Lead with NCSSFL: I Can Do It! A mini workshop on LinguaFolio
Presenter: Ryan Wertz (OH), Stephanie Knight (CASLS)

LinguaFolio/LinguaFolio Online and their focus on meaningful language use have the potential to transform the language classroom. Session participants will receive tools related to goal setting, reflection, and backwards design that support the integration of the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements and the successful implementation of the portfolios.

Lead with NCSSFL: Year 1 Experiences with Seal of Biliteracy Implementation
Presenters: Bonnie Pechulis (MD), Brandon Locke (AK), Susan Spinnato (MSDE), Jill Woerner (IN)

Your state has a new Seal of Biliteracy program – now what? Leaders from Alaska, Indiana, and Maryland will share unique perspectives and challenges of a first-year implementation of a Seal of Biliteracy program. Participants will strategize, brainstorm and ask questions about this national initiative. Numerous resources will be shared.

Lead with NCSSFL: LinguaFolio 101-A Session for Prospective Implementers
Presenter: Dr. Lisa Harris (VA), Ryan Wertz (OH)

LinguaFolio has gained national attention as a reputable and easy-to-use learner self-assessment portfolio. Explore its components, including the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can Do Statements & Interculturality guidance. Learn how to integrate proficiency-based goal-setting, the reflective learning cycle & research-based best practices into its implementation.

Lead with NCSSFL: English Learners’ Performance in Dual Language Immersion
Presenter: Jamie Leite (UT), Johanna Wartzinger-Tharp (University of Utah)

This presentation will report data on English Learners who participate in Utah’s dual language immersion program, how they perform in English language arts, and how proficient they are in the immersion partner language. Presenters will include demographic information for English Learners state-wide and in DLI.

Additional NCSSFL sessions at the 2017 ACTFL Convention in Nashville:

Can-Do Learning for Intercultural Communicative Competence: Investigate, Interact and Reflect
Presenters: Jacque Van Houten (KY) and Kathy Shelton (OH). Pre-Conference Workshop.

Moving Beyond the List: Helping Students ACQUIRE the Words They Need to Communicate
Presenter: Greg Duncan (GA). Pre-Conference Workshop.

Heritage Language Instruction
Presenter: Erin Papa (RI)

Using Photovoice with Youth for Exploring Community Issues
Presenter: Erin Papa (RI)

Active Reading Strategies to Reach Proficiency
Presenter: Jill Landes-Lee (L2TReC)

Rethinking Writing Instruction in the Lower-level French Classroom
Presenter: Kate Paesani (CARLA)

Strategic Design of Utah’s 50-50 Dual Language Immersion Model
Presenters: Gregg Roberts (Ret. UT) and Carolyn Schubach (UT)